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Resort Hotel Holiday Auctions is a fast growing auction marketplace where Accommodation/travel/holiday Managers and the Public meet to bring you the best deals in Australia. However this website offers much, much, more. We offer car, campervan, or motorhome hire at the lowest prices through our partners ‘Drivenow’; Tickets to events, entertainment, tours etc, offered via Experience Oz, all over Australia  at best possible prices. All of your travel arrangements can be fully planned and paid for before you leave home...……and at the very best prices!

We operate an interactive online auction site that helps our accommodation partners with inventory problems by filling rooms that might otherwise go unused. Their loss is therefore "your gain", helping consumers win incredible vacations at affordable prices.

Many people love an auction but, if auctions are not for you, our ‘Buy now’ listings are also cheap without the hassle of having to compete in a bidding war.

We negotiate "special deals" with leading hotels, resorts, motels and apartments, In fact, all forms of accommodation, to offer you amazing bargains.

Please register and join us as "just a few clicks" of a mouse will open up a new world of travel enabling you to pay what you want or what you feel it is worth, not a penny more.

Purchasing a holiday should be "fun and exciting" combined with a "great holiday deal" to keep you smiling...

So please join us now and register!